Offering A Full Range Of Recycling Services

our 21 truck docks and RAIL spur can accommodate
suppliers and customers of any size


Conveniently located in Kansas City, this recycling facility utilizes state of the art balers, hoggers, roll handling, and roll splitting equipment.  This safe and secure operation is one of the most efficient recycling facilities in the Midwest.

Our experienced staff will help you design a custom recycling program. We have the equipment to handle all grades of loose or baled paper.  Whether you are a small printer, warehouse operation, office building, or a large paper converter, we can help.  A large section of our facility is dedicated to roll storage.  Whether it be joblot, prime, or repulping rolls, we can handle them.

In an effort to better serve our clients and customers, our plant operation has been located and designed to work in concert with the brokers in our Chicago office, as well as with our satellite offices.  We look forward to serving you.


National Fiber Supply
recycling plant


3210 N 7th Street Trafficway
Kansas City, KS 66115


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